Shoreline of Infinity Edit

Shoreline Issue 6 Cover 800w

Shoreline of Infinity is a Scotland based science fiction magazine which publishes short stories, original artwork, SF poetry book reviews, articles, columns, interviews - and puzzles. Stories are by new and well-known writers, and it positively encourage first-time writers.

Started in 2015, Shoreline of Infinity publishes quarterly in print, epub, mobi and PDF formats, and has a busy website for supplementary content.

The magazine prides itself on being accessible to all readers of science fiction, new readers and old hands alike. As was reviewed on Amazing Stories:

"For hardcore members of fandom looking for some fresh insights on “what if,” and for those casual readers intent on just taking a leisurely peek at the genre, Shoreline of Infinity is a smart place to start."
- Amazing Stories

Shoreline of Infinity also runs the Event Horizon - live science fiction events in Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland, again giving an opportinity new writers and well-known writers alike. Events have featured Ken MacLeod, Jane Yolen, Charles Stross, for example. Mixing music, readings, films, performances, Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon aims to bring science fiction to life.

Editor/Editor-in-Chief/co-founder: Noel Chidwick

Art Director/co-founder: Mark Toner

Deputy Editor/Poetry Editor: Russell Jones

Reviews Editor: Iain Maloney

Assistant Editor: Monica Burns

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