"In Their Image" by Abra Staffin-Wiebe

Published: Escape Pod, Feb 2016.
300 dyptich

Escape Pod

Word Count: 5975

Available to read or listen to.

Readers say:

"I thought this was really good. It didn't go in the direction I thought it was [going to], and I really liked the exploration of different philosophies. It was a great, different take on 2 species learning to coexist. ...I would love to explore this universe more."


"This goes in my bin of eps with which to lure new listeners onboard.  'Come listen,' I'll sing to my friends, 'because today's the day you get to hear about a very special teddy bear's picnic…'"


"I thought I might be the first one to mention Speaker for the Dead which this reminded me strongly of, in a good way.  Not a big stretch, considering the focus on earth religions clashing with the belief system of cutesy but dangerous alien species. ...I love Speaker for the Dead a whole lot.  And any similarity here I did not see as a bad thing."

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